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Introduction, of sorts.

It’s weird, this blogging thing isn’t it? Less rules, and thus more honesty.
I just found out I first created this blog an entire year ago tomorrow, and as it turns out I haven’t actually published a single article.
I knew my writing was getting lazy but damn.

Anyway, I recently  gave my writing a bit of a kick up the ass when I had to actually finish writing my damn review for Her earlier for Platform, NTU’s student mag (of which I can’t believe they let deputy edit, humblebrag) and it kind of reminded me how writing for things other than assignments could actually be pretty satisfying sometimes. That, and it also reminded me how much I completely forget how to use WordPress when I don’t use it for a while and how I better keep on top of it from now on, haha.
I can tell my writing quality’s slipped a bit when I manage to use “writing” three times in one sentence. Tut. I’ll let myself off though however as my sleeping pattern is again ruined and I haven’t slept yet tonight. Hopefully if I stay up till tonight now and try to sleep that might set it back to normal, but as I’ve already tried that once this week I don’t hold out hope, haha.

The other reason I wanted to get back into writing, however was something a friend at university said. Platform’s lifestyle section is planning a “Mental Health Awareness” type week, and with my friend knowing that I both write and have suffered from related issues before, wondered if I was planning on writing anything, and if not, why not? To be honest, it caught me a little off guard. While I don’t really make a big secret of it, the idea of anyone wanting to read about my “struggle” (melodrama!) was a bit of a new concept to me. While I can string a sentence together, I only think of myself as a competent, not outstanding writer so it was quite nice to think people might actually enjoy my view on a topic.

This is already getting incredibly rambly. Apologies. I do that. also, Apologies, I Have None are an excellent British anthemic indie/punk band, who you should totally check out.

See, total rambling.
I’ve had very little sleep as I’ve said and thus am struggling to remember a sentence in my head long enough to type it, so I think I may have to leave it there, but long ramble short a friend encouraged me to rant about the fact I’m constantly varying degrees of crazy, I need to keep in practice of my wordpress skills and writing’s kinda fun so I’m gonna try write some hopefully amusing stuff for you about what shit happens.  Hopefully you like.

(I just got distracted from publishing this for ten minutes tab swapping on chrome. I make a 5 year old on energy drink’s concentration look good.)